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Joyce + McFarland LLP

has handled disputes for banks, finance companies, mortgage companies, loan servicers, insurance companies, and others involved in banking and consumer finance disputes. Our attorneys have expertise in a variety of claims, including class action and appellate matters, creditor’s rights, lender liability, and directors’ and officers’ liability,. We aggressively pursue our clients’ best interests in matters involving financial institutions.

Through our experience in handling these types of cases, we have proven our commitment to finding the best possible outcome at every stage of litigation. It is not always advantageous to your business to see a case all the way to trial. In many instances, the best resolution occurs early in the process. Our skill and knowledge in financial matters and the cases involving these institutions allow us to recognize, from a strategic standpoint, what is best for our clients. We can find the best resolution long before a case reaches the trial stage, saving our clients considerable time, money, and risk so that they can devote their resources to the success of their business.

When a case does go to trial, our years of experience in the courtroom pay off for our clients. We are relentless advocates at trial and fight to achieve the best possible outcome whether before a judge or jury. With over 60 years of trial experience, we come prepared and bring the highest degree of effort, legal expertise, and strategic thinking to each case. If you need strong representation in your financial institution litigation matter, please contact the firm here.

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