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Lender/Borrower Disputes and Workouts

A loan in default benefits none of the parties involved. There are ways to make those situations less of a burden for creditor, lender, and borrower alike. Our attorneys have represented national and regional banks, loan servicers, hedge funds, individual lenders, and borrowers in matters involving a variety of disputes, working with our clients and their opponents in negotiating, drafting and implementing favorable workouts.

Over the course of 30 years, we have helped both borrowers and lenders in workouts, loan modifications, restructuring, and collection. Our expertise extends to any type of dispute, including commercial mortgage-backed securitized loans, real estate developer disputes, deeds and trusts, financial lender, and real estate promissory notes. Because we represent a variety of businesses, lenders and borrowers nationwide, Joyce + McFarland LLP is in a unique position to find workout solutions with our clients’ best interests in mind. When a business or individual loan goes into default, we provide sound advice and business insight to help our clients avoid the many pitfalls these situations can incur.

The longer a loan dispute goes on, the more potential legal problems can arise for both sides. A borrower facing financial difficulties – or a lender facing difficulties with a transaction – should contact an attorney experienced in lender/borrower disputes and workouts before the situation becomes more complicated. We help both borrowers and lenders in workouts, loan modifications, restructuring, and enforcement of judgments.

Our attorneys bring years of experience and business insight to each case, including matters involving real estate secured loans, personal property secured loans, letters of credit, guaranties, assignments of leases and rents, and subordination agreements. We bring to the table smart, experienced representation with unparalleled insight into the way that financial instruments fit together, and first-hand knowledge in the ways that lending institutions approach these problems.

To learn more about our experience in Lender/Borrower Disputes and Workouts, we invite you to contact the firm here.

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