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At Joyce + McFarland LLP

, our attorneys defend issuers and officers against claims involving securities laws violations. We recognize that securities matters are often high-stakes cases for our clients, and bring a level of expertise, dedication and strategic thinking to each.

Our attorneys are experienced advocates and negotiators who find the best solution for our clients’ securities litigation at any stage of a case. That often means finding the most favorable settlement before a case even makes it to trial. Because of our record of success at trial and on appeal, we have often achieved successful resolutions of cases short of the time and expense involved in a jury trial and beyond.

However, our experience in securities litigation also involves trying a major class action claim to a jury verdict with a favorable judgment – a rarity in this practice area.

Whether your case involves breaches of fiduciary duty, dissenters’ rights, corporate control or business valuation disputes, our attorneys will fight vigorously to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

To find out more about our securities litigation expertise, please contact the firm here.

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