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The attorneys at Joyce + McFarland LLP

are uniquely skilled at protecting favorable judgments and overturning adverse ones for our clients at the appellate level. Our appellate cases have included foreclosure and lien priorities, condemnation, business-related contractual disputes, business torts, products liability, construction contracts and defects, insurance coverage, employment discrimination and harassment claims, eminent domain and inverse condemnation, statutory claims, and securities regulation.

Our success at the appellate level starts with our attorneys’ ability to file powerfully reasoned, thoroughly researched and well-written appellate briefs. The ability to deliver a coherent oral argument and answers to the judges’ questions is also key. Our attorneys are strategic in this thinking and recognize, then pursue, the best tactics to achieve outcomes favorable to our clients.

Our attorneys’ 60+ years of experience and the resulting business acumen is one of the qualities that adds considerable value for our clients. We are sure to consider the big picture when evaluating an appeal and pursue the course of action that serves our client’s best interests.

Pursuing a case through the appeals process requires a different set of skills than other litigation. When deciding on your attorney, their experience in the appellate arena should be a key factor. Our lawyers have handled numerous appeals on behalf of both appellants and appellees in virtually all of the Texas state courts of appeal, the Supreme Court of Texas, and the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

To learn more about our attorneys’ experience at the appellate level, please contact the firm here.

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