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The attorneys at Joyce + McFarland LLP

are seasoned attorneys with experience and expertise at every stage of litigation – from negotiation through trial. Because of this depth of experience, we bring value to our clients’ disputes in a variety of civil trial situations.

We are experienced negotiators and arbitrators. Our expertise in contracts, intellectual property, insurance, real estate, financial institutions, distributorships, manufacturers, and a variety of other civil litigation matters often enables us to achieve the client’s best result long before the case makes it to a courtroom. By finding a resolution early, we can save our clients considerable time, money, and stress so that they can devote their resources to their business.

However, when a case must be tried, our attorneys’ experience in the courtroom will come to bear on the proceedings. With over 60 years of trial experience, we are formidable in the courtroom. We come prepared to fight vigorously for our clients and bring the highest degree of effort, legal acumen, and strategic thinking to each case.

We have represented companies in a variety of industries, from manufacturers of machine tools and heavy equipment to financial institutions and real estate developers.

If you have been part of a business relationship where your rights have not been respected and feel that legal action is necessary, our team of attorneys will work with you to find the best resolution, keeping the big picture of your business interests in mind.

To learn more about our experience in Civil Trials, we invite you to contact the firm here.

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